Talking to your teen about vaping

Teens and smoking. It’s not something we like to discuss, but it’s something we need to prevent. If your child took up smoking, you’d want to take immediate action to protect them from the harmful, addictive product. But what if they started vaping?

At first glance, vaping can seem harmless, especially if you’re not familiar with the device. It doesn’t smell like cigarette smoke—in fact, some of the flavours might smell good. But underneath the benign exterior lie risks.

Make sure your teen has what they need to make healthy choices by discussing the topic with them, frankly and honestly.

Educate yourself. Nothing can undermine your parental authority like your kids realizing they know more about the topic than you. Take the time to learn the facts about vaping:

Nicotine and youth. Most teenagers—and their parents—don’t realize many e-liquids used for vaping contain nicotine. The addictive drug is especially harmful to young people. It can affect teen brain development, while hooking them at the same time.

Toxic chemicals. Vaping can expose you to harmful chemicals like formaldehyde and acrolein. In addition, some metal particles like nickel, tin and aluminum can be found in vaping products. Because the long-term health effects of vaping are unknown, why risk putting any of these substances in your lungs?

Be ready for questions. You can present facts to your kids, and if you’re lucky they might even listen! But the harder part comes next, when they start asking tough questions from their own experiences. You need to be calm and understanding. Your kids need to feel comfortable asking you about vaping, and safe telling you if they’ve experimented with it.

Kids can have a hard time believing grown-ups, especially their parents, are on their side. It won’t be enough to tell them you are. You have to show them. Open up to your kids, let them open up to you, and what happens next will surprise everyone.

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