Tenants lucky in recent Welland structure fire

A structure fire on Welland St. Sunday resulted in over $90,000 in damage. There were no working smoke alarms on the main floor. Joseph Burd photo

Tenants in a home newly converted into tenant apartments on Welland St. are lucky after a fire broke out on the main floor of the two-story structure Sunday Feb. 3/2019. The main floor had no working smoke alarms.

“The occupant of the main floor discovered the fire and went upstairs to notify the other tenants,”: Welland Fire and Emergency Services deputy chief Adam Eckhart said.

All persons and pets were safely evacuated from the building.

The fire caused about $90,000 damage, the cause of the fire undetermined at this point in the investigation.

“Smoke alarms on the main floor were not functioning,” Eckhart said. “This puts the tenants in other apartments at risk. Some alarms protect more than your apartment.”

He said that had this happened overnight after people went to sleep, the outcome could have been tragic.

Firefighters arrived on scene at about 6:30 p.m. Sunday evening. 42 firefighters and six apparatus were used in combating the fire.