The ripple effect of ethical gifts

Whether it’s food delivered to our door at the touch of a screen or online grocery shopping, the convenience economy seems to be outpacing ethics and consciousness – but our planet’s current state urges us to think differently.

Celebrities, community leaders and companies call on more environmentally or socially conscious policies, but the impact can start with one simple act of kindness. If this is something important to you there are a few ways to give back this season, especially to those suffering from climate crises.

Trends indicate that the number of socially conscious consumers is on the rise – whether you avoid single-use plastic or purchase from retailers that donate a portion of their sales to charity. You can donate your time, too – volunteer to plant trees, clear up your pantry by donating to a food bank, foster a furry friend or use your voice for advocacy.

If you want to honour the busy activist in your life, try a present with measurable impact; Gifts of Hope from Plan International Canada have unique, unforgettable gifts that support aid projects and addresses gender inequality. There are many gifts that can help girls who are on the frontlines of the climate crisis, who are often forced to drop out of school and into child marriages.  These young girls face an increased risk of violence, have fewer opportunities to work and can experience serious health issues.

One gift addresses the problem of water contamination, a constant, looming threat for communities that can’t drill wells. Practical and powerful, community water purification kits give 10 litres of clean drinking water within four to six hours. Paired with training at remote schools, this gift will boost attendance and students’ health, distilling out a fresh source of hope. Most of all it frees girls of sourcing water, a task that is expected from their gender, at the expense of their schooling and health.

Give a thoughtful gift that speaks to the humanity in all of us – the kind of gift that keeps giving back, and helps girls tap into their full potential to lead generations forward through a crisis that impacts them most.

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