Town Council to invest $300,000 into Wayfinding program

Town of Fort Erie press release – During last Monday’s Town Council meeting, Kramer Design Associates (KDA) presented its proposed Wayfinding program. The program will cost $360,000 from 2019 to 2021.

“The Wayfinding program is an investment in our town, our economy, and our future,” said Mayor Wayne Redekop. “It will help guide both residents and visitors through our roads, parks, and trails while enticing them to experience new adventures along the way. It will also showcase the unique character of our many communities by using custom design.”

Once implemented, the Wayfinding program will;

  • Enhance the overall image of Fort Erie as a destination
  • Help people identify and connect places
  • Encourage people to walk and explore
  • Facilitate visitor experience by providing a consistent, intuitive wayfinding network between destinations
  • lncrease visitation at key attractions, business centres/BlAs, and parks/trails
  • Boost the local economy through awareness
  • lmprove the public realm and build a sense of community

Through the public consultation process, the theme “forest and water” emerged as the best representation of Fort Erie according to local stakeholders. Therefore, the final colours selected for the program are black and green. Town staff will be taking a phased approach for the Wayfinding program.

2019 – Parks and beaches signage
2020 – Directional signage along the roadways
2021 – Friendship Trail signage

There is currently $70,000 in the Wayfinding program capital budget leaving about $290,000 to complete the project. Therefore, Town Staff will be budgeting $150,000 for each of the 2020 and 2021 Capital Budgets to cover the additional program costs (unless directed otherwise). All proposed budgets must be approved by Town Council annually.

KDA was retained by the Town in 2018 to undertake a new Wayfinding program. The existing program was approaching 20 years in age.


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