Town extends cannabis interim control bylaw

Town of Pelham press release – Town of Pelham Council voted in favour of extending the cannabis interim control bylaw to July 15, 2020.

At a special meeting of council on September 23/2019, Council heard from Cannabis Control Committee Chair Tim Nohara, and his committee’s plan to continue researching cannabis mitigation measures within the Town.

“It’s important for our residents that we get this right,” said Mayor Marvin Junkin. “We know how important this issue is and we extended the bylaw to ensure committee and staff an ample opportunity to exhaust their research and bring back bylaws that are solid. This issue isn’t going away, it’s here today, tomorrow, and likely well into the future; we have to make sure that we get this right for those living in Pelham today and in the future.”

In addition to the interim control bylaw extension passing, Council also passed bylaws prescribing the height and description of lawful fences and to regulate the fortification of and protective elements applied to land.

Staff and the Cannabis Control Committee will continue to meet regularly to discuss information, research, and eventual bylaws to be brought forward to Council.


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