Town of Pelham’s new website wins MarCom Gold award

Town of Pelham press release – The Town of Pelham’s redesigned website, launched September 30/2019, has been named a MarCom Awards Gold winner in the digital media, government website category for 2019.

The international creative competition recognizes and honours outstanding achievement by marketing and communication professionals, recognizing their creativity, hard work, and generosity.

The Gold award is presented to entries judged to be among the most outstanding in the competition. Pelham was one of two Canadian municipalities to have their website awarded in 2019, Morinville, AB, was the other.

“We were proud of both submissions, but judging your own work is accompanied by a very strong bias,” said Marc MacDonald, Town of Pelham communications and public relations specialist. “To have an industry of professionals deem your work worthy of these acknowledgments is very humbling and rewarding.”

The MarCom Awards are administered and judged by the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals. The international organization consists of several thousand creative professionals. The Association oversees awards and recognition programs, provides judges, and sets standards for excellence.

In 2019, over 6,500 submissions for various categories were submitted; the Town of Pelham’s Life in Pelham Guide, the community’s reimagined biannual feature received a MarCom honourable mention.

With a modest budget of less than $40,000 to complete the nearly-half-year website project, the Town’s new site is easier to navigate and information is readily available. The most important and viewed information is on the landing page, headings are clearer and information is in plain language, eliminating barriers present in the previous site’s iteration; content has been reworked to best reflect the topics being searched.

“This is another example of the Town of Pelham punching above its weight,” said Mayor Marvin Junkin. “The professionals we have within the municipality, in all areas of the corporation, are remarkable. You can spend a lot of money on something that is really flashy, but residents come to our website for information, and it’s easier to find now than ever before.”


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