Town welcomes proposals for Pelham Town Square feature

Town of Pelham press release – Pelham Town Council is accepting proposals for a new feature – rebuilt arches or other structures/ideas – to be installed on Pelham Town Square in place of the former arches.

Proposals are accepted until noon on May 29, 2019, and are required to be presented at the June 3, 2019, regular meeting of Pelham Town Council.

Interested individuals or groups are encouraged to put together a proposal that must include:

  • A 100 per cent self-funded model for construction, materials, etc.
  • A funding model for ongoing maintenance throughout the structure’s life span
  • A conceptual design, to later be supported by engineer’s drawings
  • A timeline for construction

Calls for submissions stem from a presentation by the Rotary Club of Fonthill and the Summerfest Committee in which they outlined their vision, funding model, and scope of project, defining the criteria for all other submissions.

“The Rotary Club and Summerfest Committee came to us with a very generous offer to reconstruct the arches and we are very appreciative of their vision and good will,” said Mayor Marvin Junkin. “However, this feature will be part of our community for many, many years, and as a Council we want to make sure the community has had an opportunity to be heard or to bring their idea forward as well.”

All requests to appear before Council must be in writing and state on the delegation request form the action desired of Council. As noted on the request form, a copy of any written material to be presented by the delegation must be submitted to the Clerk with the deputation request form.

For more information on criteria and submission visit:


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