United Way Niagara to help put an end to Period Poverty

Building on the momentum of last years’ Tampon Tuesday success which brought in over 4,500 donations, United Way aims to collect more than twice as much product this year. United Way Niagara photo

United Way Niagara press release- United Way Niagara is excited to kick off a new campaign and initiative on March 3/2020, to help those struggling with period poverty.

The Period Promise campaign is a community-wide period product drive where all donations are distributed to agencies and service providers across the region.

But it is more than that. Period Promise encourages businesses and facility owners to commit to providing products free to anyone who needs them. If your organization would like to run a collection drive, commit to the promise or is already doing so, please contact United Way Niagara.

“An alarming number of people in Niagara live in poverty, and more than half of them have their periods. No one should have to make the choice between buying period products or food,” says Executive Director, Frances Hallworth, “with more than 24,000 households in Niagara struggling to put a roof over their head, period products can become a luxury instead of a basic need.”

The situation is even more somber if you are homeless. “The cheapest box of tampons is about $6. That’s more than my boyfriend and I spend on a meal together. I guess I’d rather be clean than full”, states one woman with lived experience.

Poor hygiene can cause illness and infection, which makes this already vulnerable population more so, and the cycle continues. Some people are forced to steal products.

Others wait for homeless outreach crews to come by with pads.

Some use socks, paper towels, plastic bags, toilet paper, towels, or cotton balls in place of period products. Access to free period products can make a big impact on overall health, dignity and well-being.

The campaign kicks off March 3, 2020, at three locations in Niagara: Counterpart Brewing in Niagara Falls, Jack Astor’s in St. Catharines and Mr. Mike’s in Welland. The kickoff events, happening from 5:30-7 p.m., are generously sponsored by the host venues and will offer appetizers and a chance to hear more about Period Promise and the impact of donations. Bring a box and stop by to make your Period Promise.

To learn more about Period Promise or where you can drop off donations, please visit www.periodpromiseniagara.com