Utility Sustainability Advisory Committee finds hundreds of thousands in savings

Town of Pelham press release – The Town of Pelham’s Utility Sustainability Advisory Committee’s work is starting to pay off, literally.

Announced at Council on Monday, September 16, 2019, the Town is set to see yearly reductions of over $135,000 for the operation of the Meridian Community Centre (MCC) as well as an immediate rebate in the amount of $66,858.

As part of Hydro One’s High Performance New Construction Incentive, which the Town qualified for due to its use of LED lights and other construction materials in the MCC, the Town will receive another $142,320.

These savings and incoming funds are direct results of the committee’s work identifying areas of improvement and efficiencies, and ongoing conversations with Hydro One and local government officials.

The one-time rebate of $66,858 is a result of Hydro One’s rate classification for the MCC, changing from General Service to Transmission Service. This rebate covers the differential during the time period of the building’s inception to the present day.

“We knew this committee had a heck of a brain trust, and we knew we were going to see results, but I’m not sure we would have expected to ever see such phenomenal results,” said Mayor Marvin Junkin. “The experts on this committee and the staff resources available are what makes this committee successful, and their work will continue to produce great results.”

At the MCC alone, the committee has looked at the electricity consumption, oversized power feed, emergency generator system, building automation system, building pressurization, electricity power factor and peak loads, phase balance, commissioning report, maintenance of the main power transformer, operation manuals, and construction drawings.

The committee is also looking at residential hydro rates and is leaning on support from the Provincial Government to help reduce Pelham’s energy footprint.


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