Vintage RC aircraft take to the skies at Marshville Airpark

Patrick Deschamps of Fort Erie does a final check before flying his vintage radio controlled airplane at the Rose City Model Flyers 7th annual Vintage Wings Fly-In Saturday.

The skies over Marshville Airpark had vintage RC aircraft from the early days of flight to 1939 showing their stuff Saturday August 19/2017 as the Rose City Model Flyers held their 7th annual Vintage Wings Fly-In.

Aviation aficionados of all ages participated in the event, watching different models in flight, talking about aircraft and sharing stories.

“I’ve been flying radio controlled airplanes since I was 16-years-old, I’m 64 now, so it’s been more than 10 years, a little more than 20 years too,” Patrick Deschamps of Fort Erie, a participant of the Fly-In said with a smile. “It’s a passion for me.”

“It’s a love of aviation that had drawn me to this,” he said. “When I was younger, anything with wings seemed to mesmerize me and I really liked watching the airplanes fly by so this was the closest you could get when you were younger without a lot of money to get into full size aviation.”

“It’s a lot of fun, building and flying the airplanes, going to events like this, the camaraderie with other people with the same passion,” he said.

“I have about 17 aircraft now,” he said. “I’ve built a few kits and some of them I acquired from friends over the years.”

For anyone wishing to pursue the hobby of radio controlled aircraft, Deschamps said that they should join a local club and learn how to fly, local clubs have instructors who teach flight.

“I haven’t really counted today, but, I think there has been about 150 people in and out today so far,” Rose City Model Flyers president Bob Gunter said around lunchtime.  “That’s a really good turnout.”

“The purpose of the event is to fly radio controlled model aircraft and to have fun,” he said.

“This particular event the entrants are to be a replica of an aircraft from the beginning of flight to 1939,” he said. “Anything after that, jets and all that stuff, we’ll fly tomorrow.”

“The event is only for today, but, we’ll be here tomorrow, weather permitting, we’ll go seven-days-a-week here when we can,” he said.

Gunter invites anyone who is interested in pursuing the hobby to drop by the airfield or contact them. They will help the new person with flight instruction as well as advice on which kits to invest in.

For more information on the club, see the Rose City Model Flyers website:

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