Vision health month makes eyesight a priority

May is vision health month, and a great reminder of how important eye health and routine eye exams are. Although adults can usually detect changes in their own vision, this isn’t always the case for children.

Oftentimes, the subtle signs of vision changes in kids can be easily missed by parents. They might rub their eyes more or have trouble seeing the ball, but without a regular eye exam, it’s hard to know for sure if your child needs glasses.

Some parents may see cost as a barrier to regular exams, but many provincial programs cover an annual eye exam for children up to 18 years of age.

For the entire month of May, take advantage of the Kids See Free program, available in optical departments in many Loblaw grocery stores across the country. It helps to reduce vision costs by providing children ages four to 10 with any frame valued up to $49 with single vision, polycarbonate “kids-safe” lenses for free.

A regular eye exam can sometimes be the difference between a child thriving or falling behind. Don’t wait to get your child’s eyes tested. Book your eye exam with a licensed Optometrist in stores across the country. Visit to find the Optical department closest to you.


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