Wainfleet budget increasing 4.04%

Wainfleet pouncil passed its 2017 budget at its regular meeting, Tuesday, March 7, the township said in a release.

Its draft operating and capital budgets were originally presented in mid-January.

“Aldermen once again subjected the budgets to considerable scrutiny, both from operating and capital perspectives,” the release said.

Adam Cross, Wainfleet’s treasurer and manager of corporate services, presented a revised budget, based on council direction from the January meeting.

“This is a prudent budget based on the current needs within the township, while emphasizing council’s commitment to addressing infrastructure needs,” said Cross in the release.

After deliberation, council approved a budget increase of 4.04%, which includes a 2% infrastructure levy.

“The levy provides for the funding of large-scale capital and infrastructure projects required in the municipality going forward. The 2017 increase compares favourably with the 2016 increase of 3.95%,” the release said.