Wainfleet Fire partners with local business

The Township of Wainfleet has a new vehicle to be used by the fire department to help keep the community safe. The Kubota Utility Terrain Vehicle (UTV) was donated through a partnership formed with Ben Berg Farm & Industrial Equipment. Township of Wainfleet photo

press release – Wainfleet Fire & Emergency Services has added a new Kubota Utility Terrain Vehicle (UTV) to their fleet Thursday, May 30/2019, through a unique “Public/Private Partnership.”

Ben Berg Farm & Industrial Equipment has donated a Kubota RTV XG-850 “Sidekick” to the Township on a loan-style program. At the end of the term, the unit is returned and the Township will receive a new one. The dealership is then able to sell the unit as a “demo/used” unit and the Township will issue a taxable donation receipt for the difference. The department is allowed to use the UTV anyway it sees fit and can add specialized equipment to the vehicle as long as such additions are not permanent.

“This is a fantastic example of a private and public partnership to help the community at zero cost to the taxpayers of Wainfleet,” said Mayor Kevin Gibson. “We are very appreciative that one of our best-known Wainfleet businesses saw an opportunity to help and made a great contribution to the community.”

Ben Berg Jr., owner of Ben Berg Farm and Industrial Equipment felt the partnership was a win-win for everyone.

“We’re really proud of our community and our fire department and when the Township approached us, we saw a chance to help the Department and give back. We were just happy to be able to play a part in making this happen.”

Wainfleet Fire Chief Morgan Alcock, who spearheaded the partnership, was very pleased to see such collaboration. “I was aware of a similar approach being used with some success in Eastern Ontario and understanding our budgetary constraints, I thought we could try it here,” he said.

This new UTV will build the response capabilities of the Wainfleet Fire & Emergency Services, and once fully equipped with a Fire/EMS Response Unit, it will respond to Wild-land/Vegetation fires and Remote Access incidents where larger highway vehicles cannot access. Previously, when emergency medical and rescue situations occurred in remote and wilderness areas where fire department personnel couldn’t take in a four-wheel-drive vehicle, firefighters would either have to hike in or utilize private ATVs.

“In remote situations where a rapid and efficient response is crucial, this UTV will give us a massive advantage in terms of getting to such areas more quickly,” said Chief Alcock

The new UTV will be equipped with a 75-gallon water tank, a high-pressure wildland fire pump, 100’ of hose and dedicated stretcher area for secure patient transport.


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