Wainfleet moves to acquire new property for new fire hall

Township of Wainfleet press release = At its meeting of January 8/2019, the Council of the Township of Wainfleet authorized the purchase of an important piece of property located just west of Chambers Corners. The property, located at 42143 Highway 3, is directly adjacent to another property already owned by the Township.

“The Township has taken a crucial step towards the long-awaited construction of a new Fire Hall,” said Mayor Kevin Gibson. “This site, with its central location, will act as the primary headquarters for the future delivery of fire protection and emergency services in Wainfleet.”

Wainfleet Fire Chief Morgan Alcock sees the acquisition of the property as a logical one.

“The previous 2013 Fire Master Plan prepared by T.L. Powell & Associates Ltd. and Cyril Hare & Associates Inc., as well as the 2016 Fire and Emergency Services Operational Review Final Report from Dillon Consulting, identified Chambers Corners as a prime location for the construction of such a facility,” he said of the proposed Fire Hall. “Our own review and fire service mapping also confirm this as a significant improvement to both response and coverage for the citizens of the Wainfleet.”

Wainfleet CAO William Kolasa praised Council’s decision. “Council’s foresight and direction to acquire this new property, and combine it with the existing one, as a site for our new Fire Hall shows a strong connection and respect for the decisions of past Councils, while showing the kind of vision and leadership that will position the Township well for the future” he said.

Council plans to lay the groundwork for the new Fire Hall project in 2019. This will include reaching out to other emergency service providers, such as EMS/Paramedics/Ambulance and Police, to gauge their ability to participate in the project and potentially increase service delivery within Wainfleet.