Wainfleet remembers the sacrifice of community members

The Township of Wainfleet remembered the members of their community who have served and sacrificed for Canada Sunday.

The Township of Wainfleet came together on Sunday Nov. 11/2018 to celebrate members of the community who have and are still serving Canada.

This is the fifth year for the observance of Remembrance Day in Wainfleet, since the township revealed its cenotaph.

““I am so glad, it is so important that we have the cenotaph,” said Wainfleet Mayor April Jeffs Sunday.  “It is the five year anniversary of having the cenotaph and I think people in Wainfleet had come up over the years and were looking for somewhere to come and to remember and commemorate those who served across Canada, the world and particularly in Wainfleet.”

“It is amazing to see the number of people here on a Sunday, we did not think we would have the usual amount of people, but we do and it’s amazing and it just shows how important it is to the community to have somewhere to go and to put on this ceremony and get together and remember those who served for our freedom,” she said.

For Ginger Barrick of the Royal Canadian Legion Branch 56 the Wainfleet cenotaph has a special place in her heart.

“My grandfather served for Wainfleet, his name is in Town Hall, so this is my pride and joy,” Barrick said.

She is the organizer of the services for Wainfleet.

“I hope it touches people and it makes them remember that we are here for our veterans and hopefully we can carry this on with our children,” she said.

“I want people to take home today what these veterans, these men and women have done for us, how they served for us,” she said. “In WWI I can’t imagine the conditions they went through, the way they had to deal with issues as compared to today. I want them to feel proud of their loved ones, their friends, their neighbours.”