Wainfleet welcomes new Fire Chief

Wainfleet’s new Fire Chief Morgan Alcock.

Wainfleet Council will appoint Morgan Alcock as Fire Chief Tuesday Aug. 14/2018 at their regular meeting of Council.

“Chief Alcock is a progressive fire-service leader who understands and values the commitment that volunteer firefighters make to the community,” Wainfleet Chief Administrative Officer William Kolasa said. “He strongly believes in the need to continuously support our volunteer firefighters and has worked in communities with demographics similar to Wainfleet.”

Chief Alcock has extensive experience in fire-department management, training and operations, fire-service leadership, and emergency management; he is more than capable of fulfilling his roles as Fire Chief and Community Emergency Management Coordinator (CEMC) for the Township of Wainfleet.

“I’m very pleased to have the confidence of Council and staff and I look forward to working to build on the hard work being done to position the Wainfleet Volunteer Fire Department for the future,” said Chief Morgan Alcock.

He is a strong believer in the need for progressive public-education and fire-prevention programming in the community, especially the need for working smoke alarms on every level of every residence, and knowing two ways out of every room.

Chief Alcock will meet with Wainfleet firefighters Monday to introduce himself and start to get a feel for the department and firefighters.

Outgoing Interim Fire Chief Brad Bigrigg will return to his role with the Ontario Association of Fire Chiefs, providing advice and assistance to Chief Alcock until he has fully transitioned to his new role.

Alcock will be officially appointed by By-law as Fire Chief for the Township of Wainfleet effective August 13/2018.

Source – Township of Wainfleet press release


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