Welland linking French-speaking community to Francophone culture

As one of Ontario’s 26 designated Francophone communities, the City of Welland is expanding its French-speaking services and promoting Francophone culture through the Francophone and Francophile Cities Network (FFCN).

Partnering with the FCCN has inspired a new French-language addition to the city’s website. To better provide information to the French-speaking community, a Découvrir Section is now available on the city’s homepage.

The new Francophone section of the city’s website highlights Welland’s local attractions, provides a history of Welland’s Francophone culture, showcases Welland’s sister city Sorel-Tracy, Quebec, and provides relevant links to related news and resources.

The Francophone and Francophile Cities Network brings cities together by connecting them with a trail of associated cities in Canada, the U.S., and the Caribbean.

Along with quick and user-friendly access to the FFCN and City of Welland’s website, Franco-Ontarians are now able to travel and discover their Francophone roots. Welland, along with other partnering cities, recognizes the value in promoting bilingual communities to discover their unique history, language, and ancestry.

“Welland’s Francophone culture is a significant part of our heritage and our identity as a multi-cultural city,” said Mayor Frank Campion. “We’re proud to work with local organizations and agencies to better welcome the French-speaking global community and encourage them to find a cultural connection to Welland.”

The FCCN is focused on linking Francophone cities across North America and promoting cultural tourism. Welland has more than 7,800 French-speaking residents who are now able to conveniently access local information in their official language. For more information on the Francophone and Francophile Cities Network visit villesfrancoamerique.com, or for more information on the City of Welland and access to the city’s Francophone website section visit welland.ca.

Source – City of Welland press release



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