Welland to exceed housing unit projections for 2019

City of Welland logoCity of Welland press release – The City of Welland is on track to meet and exceed its 2019 new housing unit projections. According to data from the city’s Building and Planning Divisions, building permits for 406 new dwelling units were issued between Jan. 1, 2019 and Oct. 7, 2019. Based on permit application activity in the queue, staff is forecasting that the city may reach 450 new housing units by the year’s end.

The city reported a record-breaking number for new housing permits in 2018—as mentioned in a detailed media release issued earlier this year—400 housing permits were issued in 2018, compared to 197 permits issued in 2017. This growth pattern supports the estimated increase in Welland’s population of 18,641 by 2041.

The city’s Economic Development Team’s success is built on securing relationships with investors and developers, offering attractive Community Improvement Incentive Plans, streamlining administrative processes, and expediting planning approvals. Welland is becoming the city of choice for investment because it’s a great place to build industry and grow neighbourhoods. Investors are also attracted to the city’s tax incentives and development charge incentives when building or growing industrial space.

“The City of Welland has experienced incredible growth in private sector investment over the last few years,” said Dan Degazio, Director of Economic Development. “Welland is an ideal place to live because the lifestyle is incredible, and the cost of our housing compared to the GTA is a fraction of the cost.”

“The city is active with construction this year, and we expect it to continue throughout the year,” said Jack Tosta, Chief Building Official. “Niagara has become a hot-spot for housing development, so we’re predicting a successful year and busy 2020 within the Building and Planning Divisions.”

Home to more than 52,000 residents, Welland is located in the heart of Niagara, a quick 1.5-hour drive from Toronto, and 45 minutes from Buffalo. Welland is also home to Niagara College and a short drive to Brock University. For more information on the City of Welland, visit welland.ca or madeinwelland.ca.


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