Why volunteering matters

This year April 15 marks the start of National Volunteer Week. We all know that fitting volunteering into our schedules is easier said than done, but it truly is a rewarding way of being an engaged citizen.

Check out this list of just some of the ways volunteering matters in your community and throughout the world:

Support good causes. This is perhaps the most obvious benefit of volunteering, but it should not be understated. The world is full of serious problems, and people dedicated to service can make real change. Many times, non-profits rely on volunteers because they can then use funding to directly help the cause.

Build community. In this modern age, our communities can extend beyond the people we live near. While volunteering can strengthen bonds in a neighbourhood, it can also create global networks of people with shared concerns. For example, if you volunteer with an organization like Beautiful World Canada, you will become connected to people in both Canada and Africa who are concerned with the state of women’s education.

Inspire others. Dedicated volunteers are role models to the people around them. The selfless nature of doing charitable works inspires others to give back. We have all received help in our lives, so it’s important to share the love.




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