Who will be the first American to say: “Our President is mentally ill”?

By William Thomas – The President of the United States, Donald Trump is mentally ill. He must be. Who but a person suffering from mental deficiencies would spend five years attacking former President Barack Obama’s birthright, accusing him of being a Muslim from Kenya when in fact he is a Christian born in Hawaii? Would brag about being “really rich” at $10 Billion while Forbes, which tracks such wealth puts it closer to $3 Billion. Would claim to “… know more about ISIS than the generals do, believe me,” and then appoint five generals to his cabinet … more than any since WWII. Would brag about sexually assaulting women to a television reporter. Would brag about the size of his anatomy at a press conference. Would refer to his own daughter as “a voluptuous piece of ass? Would mock the physical disability of a handicapped journalist that was somewhat critical of him. Would feel a need to denigrate opponents, repeatedly referring to Senator Marco Rubio as “Little Marco” and calling Dr. Ben Carson a “pathological liar.” Would get obsessed and angry over the crowd size of the former president’s inauguration day because in fact, it was bigger than his own. Would tell lie after lie after lie knowing full well that the untruths will be found to be false almost immediately after being uttered? Would claim to receive “the most Electoral College votes since Ronald Reagan” when three presidents since Reagan – George H. W. Bush, Bill Clinton (twice) and Barack Obama all scored better in the voting than he did. Would lie about “widespread voter fraud” that he claimed cost him 3 million fewer popular votes than Hillary Clinton, when no fraud can be found. Would accuse the U.S. media of not reporting terrorist violence in Europe when they do that every day. Would claim to have “lost hundreds of friends on 9/11” but cannot name even one. Would put seven Muslim countries on a “no fly/no enter” list and ignore the three nations – Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan – whose terrorists have brought harm to America. Would, without any proof whatsoever, accuse former President Barack Obama of tapping his New York office phones. Who would consistently praise and cozy up to the murderous Russian dictator Vladimir Putin unless he was mentally unbalanced or being successfully blackmailed by that country’s KGB? Or both.

The Daily Wire has documented Donald Trump’s Top 101 Lies demonstrating how in 4.6 hours of speaking, the President tells one lie every five minutes. The Huffington Post documented 71 Donald Trump lies in just one town hall meeting.

Still believing President Trump to be somewhat sane, daily his White House staff and Republicans scramble to explain away these constant lies and breaches in normal behavior while the American media furiously chases down sources and evidence to refute this flood of falsehoods. And it’s working perfectly for the President whose upcoming lies and scandals reset the process, the last ones soon forgotten in the haste to deal with the next.

Who will be the first brave American with a stellar reputation and a love of country to stand up and say: “Our President is mentally ill”? Where is today’s Ben Bradlee, the courageous editor of the Washington Post who defied President Nixon and all his dirty, lying men to uncover the Watergate scandal?

Where is today’s Walter Cronkite who publicly spoke the truth to the powerful Lyndon Johnson bringing an end to the war in Vietnam and causing the president to resign after just one term? Lester Holt and Scott Pelley don’t have the Cronkite trust or reach. Morley Safer may have had that power but … Charlie Rose? Oddly, Jon Stewart the much-loved creator of fake news might just command a wide and believing audience if he stood up and declared the … Commander-In-Chief mentally is incompetent.

J’accuse! Truth to power. Country before politics … “The Emperor has no clothes!” … who will be the first American to stand up and say, “Our President suffers from mental disorders and needs our help, now”? Will it be the maverick tandem of Republicans John McCain and Lindsey Graham who so far have not caved into the demands of their colleagues to stop challenging the president along the lines of truth?

Might those words, “The president suffers from mental disorders” come from one of his many generals, the two most trusted being General James Mattis or General H. R. McMaster?

Will it be larger-than-life superstars like Michael Jordan or Lebron James or Oprah or Tom Hanks or Denzel Washington or Ellen DeGeneres who stand up and say: “Enough is enough, the president is mentally unwell”?

Will it take a consortium of public figures with impeccable credentials like Jimmy Carter, Bill Gates, Al Gore, Warren Buffet, Alex Trebek, Steven Spielberg and Maya Angelou? Meryl Streep and Barack Obama – famous and stellar people but favourite targets of Trumps false accusations would have to recuse themselves.

Better sooner than later, that some great Americans put everything on the line and tells it like it sadly is. Better now before the late night accusatory tweets are not enough and the President summons up the nuclear “football” to “teach Kim Jong-un a lesson!” Or Putin. Or China.

Every day President Donald Trump’s unpredictable behaviour, wild exaggerations and delusional self-imaging provides evidence that this man, the most powerful man on the planet is to some degree, intellectually deranged.

Who will be the first American to take the stand and say these words before it is too late … “the President suffers from mental illness and needs help as soon as possible.”

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